Karahi Express Hounslow

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Menu Karahi Express Hounslow

Amazing dishes are served at our restaurant type at all times. You can expect to have an exciting time going through our menu. Some of our signature dishes include Karahi Lamb, Bhuna Gosht Lamb, Paneer Bhurji and Saag Paneer. These dishes are amazing, especially when accompanied by extras like curry sauce, spinach and other traditional additions that we have. These dishes are part of our Main Dishes and Vegetarian Mains menus. As for the Starters, you can get various options including some from the Tandoori and Special Starters menus. Items like Pani Puri, Paneer Tikka, and Prawn Tikka are some of those you can enjoy. As an Indian restaurant, our menu is full of fantastic Biryani dishes. Lamb Biryani, King Prawn Biryani, and Vegetable Biryani are some of the notable options you can enjoy from our menu. We also have an Express Dishes menu that has all the tasty renowned selections. Dig into the Mix Roll, Paneer Tikka Roll, and Fries among other dishes that are remarkable. We also have many Bread dishes, Desserts, Drinks, Sides and Rice Dishes. The menu is available for your exploration. Come and explore it to select the kind of styles you prefer.

About Karahi Express Hounslow

Karahi Express welcomes you to a memorable dining experience. Featuring a quality service that matches the quality of the food, you will find everything at our premises to be admirable. We have welcomed customers to our premises for a very long time. We have also perfected our services over an extended period of time. One of the key issues that we have managed to learn during our time serving customers is the importance of a good meal and service quality combo. Our philosophy is geared on allowing our customers to both experiences the services and also give feedback about them. We are proud of our ability to form strong bonds with all our clients. We know that hospitality is not possible without actually being hospitable. This is why our customer service is designed to be satisfying. We take a keen interest in every type of customer and we have crafted the menu to reflect your needs. The dishes are prepared from some pristine ingredients too. You can taste both exotic and common flavours at our premises. Karahi Express is open for all food lovers. Come and experience the uniqueness that defines us.

Restaurant location Karahi Express Hounslow

Have a feast whenever you are in the area at our restaurant. We are the best establishment in the city and our dishes are always fabulous. You can find out more about us from anywhere by using our mobile apps. Download them from the App Store or Google Play today. We can assure you that the cool atmosphere, amazing Indian takeaway dishes, and unique services will impress you. You can also request for our fast food delivery services if you are within the area. Our restaurant is located at 378 Bath Road, London, TW4 7HT. Order today and enjoy the tastiest dishes in town.


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